One of the most surprised reasons that causes bad odors in the clothes is you are too clean. The moldy smell is unpleasant and not good for our health. Everybody will think that you are not clean due the moldy smell in your clothes but in fact, it is not true.

In the raining season, it is quite hard to dry clothes so it is not strange to smell moldy odors in the clothes. Do you know that this unpleasant odor may appear from the washing machine because you are too clean. Sometimes, this odor makes you more annoy than drying process. Moreover, it is more terrifying when you do not know the reasons cause these odors and these odors will stick in the clothes every day and month even year.

Nowadays, most of people used the washing machine for a long time ago but they are not focus on how to clean the washing machine properly. Everyone thought that the washing machine can not be dirty because it cleans, rinses, be rolled everything inside the cage. But it is totally wrong idea. The dirty comes from clothes after be washed out can be stuck inside the washing machine easily. With the moisture in the cage, the washing machine can have moldy odors quickly. Therefore, in the next time you use the washing machine, the moldy odors will stick on your clothes. As a result of that, it can lead to some unpredictable consequences for health.

So if the washing machine is dirty and moldy already, what should you do now? Fortunately, you can handle with this matter by only 2 materials. You are no need to call the mechanic and absolutely no need to spend a lot of money to buy a new machine as well.

All you need to clean the washing machine are a half litter of white vinegar and Clorox bleach liquid. However, please remember that you must not mix it together. You have to use one by one.

– First of all, you mix bleach liquid with warm water with the percentage of 1:1. Then, you dip a cloth into this mixture and use this cloth to wipe all places you can clean in the washing machine (including where under the rubber washer). If some places are hard to wipe and rub, you can leave this cloth on the surface for about 30 minutes in order to kill the mold. Next, you start the washing machine (without any clothes). If possible, you can use the hottest water to clean the bleach liquid in the washing machine.

– After cleaning all the bleach liquid, you add white vinegar to the washing machine. You turn on the washing machine without clothes and use the hottest water if possible to clean it.

After rinsing by water, the washing machine is clean too. You are no need to worry about the moldy smell anymore if you start to clean the washing machine regularly from now on.

Besides, you also should pay attention to the correct amount of detergent powder. It is wrong to think that the more detergent powder, the more clean clothes you have, especially for the front loading washing machine (which uses less water than top loading washing machine). When you use too much laundry detergent power, the normal water will be not enough to clean the clothes. Therefore, the detergent power will not be washed away all and will be stuck in the rubber washer. Similarly, you should not use too much fabric softener too.

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