1. She travels light

It is proved scientifically that all stuff that a woman really needs for a trip would fit in a tank-bag easily, including mascara, lip-loss, sunscreen, heels, black dress, bikini and toothbrush.

2. She is a cheap date

Forget 40 USD see bass and 15 USD martinis, she is good with a beer at a race or a Frog Dog. Our dream date is, of course, a long journey with motorcycle on a winding road hand have lunch anywhere she bakes your own bread.

3. She is tough

Another scientific point: if you are riding a motorcycle, to some degrees, you are going to fall down and then go boom. And it will take a lot to make a women rider cry in these situations.

4. Crazy ex-girlfriend is afraid of her

It does not matter what you ride, your ex notices that you are holding hands with a girl who is holding a stylish yema helmet 828 (which you can find in our source) in another hand, and unexpectedly, camping out on the porch with a box of the favorite cookies.

5. Your mother will love her

At first, even though she might not admit this, but secretly, all mothers hope their son would have a date with strong and determined woman. This would be your secret advantage when she tells your mother that she studies to become a tattoo artist while still working part time in a club as a dancer. Your mom would ignore all of these things: she is strong as she is riding a motorcycle.

6. She will help you in an unusual way

As any boys in a co-operative and steady relationship with a girls understands, in order to keep the emotional homeostasis, most big purchasing decisions (does not matter what is), need to be approved by your girlfriend. It is absolutely true in most situations. In 80 per cent of households in America, it is the wife who is take the responsibility for the fiscal tasks, so it is really in your own best interests when the wife in your home digs motorcycle, too.

In fact, she will not only approve your act of buying a vintage device or the latest model of motorcycle in the market, she just would make you surprised with it on the birthday. In addition, she will also keep you in gears.

7. She will gets off and stays off your back

Many people have to admit that riding would a lot easier and more fun without carrying a backpack of 130 pounces. Based on my wide knowledge of physiology and spinal anatomy, I come up with the estimation that riding solo would extend the riding years and aggregate life time of an average 25 year-old rider to a good 17.5 years, just by removing the additional physical weight of the passenger.

In other words, what I am trying to say is that having a date with a woman rider who has her own motorcycle would be actually good for your health.


To sum up, even though dating with a woman rider is not so popular for many people in our modern society, I would actually bring a lot of benefits to you. If you are a crazy motorcycle lover, then making couple with someone that has the same taste with you will definitely result in a romantic and long-lasting relationship, which you could cherish on every single riding trip on the road.

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