Which factors to consider when choosing a single serve coffee maker?

There is no doubt that a single serve coffee maker could bring home the best experiences as a coffee shop with a reasonable price. So if you could make your own cup of coffee at home, why hesitate to purchase buy one?

You will notice that there are so many different products with various designs, prices, and features. Therefore, we list below a few things for your consideration.

1. Models of single serve coffee maker

When it comes to what a machine can brew, there are several types of coffee makers out there in the market. It is always better to check before you choose to make sure that it could produce the kind of coffee you want. There are some popular brands like Tassimo, Nespresso, Keurig, or K-cups.

2. Operating costs

A single serve maker basically requires the supply of either K-cups, capsules or pods at an estimated cost of 0.3 to 0.7 USD each cup. You could save money by buying in bulk.

Look for a good source of supply and ensure that you like the kinds of coffees it can make before choosing the model. Although consumption could be different, an estimate number of coffee cups that you drink could give you an idea to prepare the budget.

3. Capacity and cup selections

While some brewer models will make only one size of up, other products provide more flexibility with many handy options. A 10 or 12 ounces size is most suitable for a travelling, while those who enjoy espresso might want a 4-ounce-size cup. Thus, you need to consider how many people will drink to make a better purchasing option.

4. Performance and power

Power plays an important role in the performance, speed as well as the temperature of a single serve coffee maker. Thus, make sure that you could safely plug in a 1300 to 1400W brewer without overloading the electrical system.

Noise while operation might also be a factor for consideration. You need to choose a model with quiet features.

5. Ease of use

This is simple: several single serve makers are just more user-friendly than the others, but basically K-cup brewers, pod, or capsule require little efforts. The guesswork has recently been switched a single serve pellet so that the maker performs the rest to produce a perfect cup of coffee. Those brewer models are really convenient to use, save time and make clean-up as painless and quick as possible.

6. Physical sizes

While several kitchens could accommodate any sizes of coffee brewer, the others have a restricted spaces. To perform correctly, a single serve coffee maker should be located on a stable, secure platform or counter, suitably within easy access to a source of water for refilling.

A single serve coffee maker is often suitable for an office use as it has less clean-up as well as be quick to produce. Most of the employees would also enjoy the varieties of gourmet blend and do not need to run out to the nearest coffee stores for a cup of coffee.

On the other hand, a home coffee maker might be ideal for a couple of family members, not for a large group of office staff, which requires a commercial unit. A coffee maker with a couple of cup sizes is more suitable for brewing hot chocolates and teas. It is necessary to have a good supply and a variety of capsule.

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