Skateboarding is an art form, a lifestyle, a sport, and a cultural value. Children have been using it for several decades. However, all of us could benefit from this type of outdoor activity. It does not only force us to go outside, but it is also a fun, enjoyable and effective exercise to move from this place to another. As a result, always make sure that you have the most suitable equipment to keep you from any serious injuries and achieve your goals!

The followings are several great benefits of using a penny board:

    • Provides flexibility and versatility:Your ankle has to stay adaptable and your body must remain stretch while skateboarding. The more inflexible and tense a user is, the more challenging it is for him to skate.
    • Provides full body exercise: You are moving your legs and your feet, you are using your arms to keep balance. You are stretching your body. All those exercises must be done at the same time, offering your body a wide range of movements.
    • Physical Durability: Most players do not only skate for a couple minutes and find it so exciting so that they play it for many hours a day, helping their physical durability greatly improve.
    • Teaches Accuracy: To achieve a trick, a lot of acts need to arrange completely, so when you so wrong, you have to try it again, again, and again. However, you will make changes every time. You put your feet variously on the deck, you adjust your timing, your pace, you try and land variously.  Till you have the moves and timing down to an accurate science, you go on trying!

  • Improves Cooperation: Skateboarding consists of much cooperation between body parts such as your legs, arms, eyes and feet.  The more you skateboard, the better you will get at it.  Accuracy and cooperation are used for your whole life, even if you skateboard or not. When you enhance these features, you will improve your skills to do all types of various activities from climbing, driving to multi-tasking.
  • Skills Use for Other Activities such as snowboarding, surfing and wakeboarding.  Whether the snow is melting, the waves are flat and the water is too chilling, a player could help keep his or her skill sharp and improve the fitness level just by using a really cheap penny board.
  • Burns Calorie:  An average user would burn from 150 to 500 calories an hour while he or she is moving, depending on the frequency and intensity of the activity.
  • Teaches practice, tolerance and consequences: skateboarding offers a perfect chance for a young user to take planned dangers in a controlled area, with very instant and real results if the boards are not used appropriately. As similar as martial arts, basic skills for skateboarding must be acquired and mastered for a period of time with patience and practice (unlike the immediate satisfaction provided by TV or video games).
  • Stress Alleviation: Any physical action is regarded to be suitable for alleviating stress. Skateboarding could help you release your mind off issues. Alternatively, it could also help you clearly consider about everything.  Using a penny board seems to take things into personal perspective and permits you to think as if you are more in command of other parts of your life.
  • Overall Fitness: As with all types of physical activity, skateboarding can lower or remove your risk for a lot of health issues, such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Skateboarding could also reduce your danger for heart illness by lowering the levels of triglyceride and raising healthful cholesterol.

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