Some Secrets To Look For A Great Painting Contractor

If you make up your mind to improve appearance of your home with a professional paint job, it’s time to find out a great paint contractor. Don’t worry, 5 secrets below will help you. After all, you should remind the selected contractor to wear the best slip on work boots because there are some slippery areas in your home, right?. see here to choose the best one of site work shoes, work boots.
  • Present Their Proof Of Insurance:

A great contractor will present a copy of his policy to provide amount of coverage which he carries for both bodily injury & property damage during his working project. In fact, to avoid any tragedies with flammable paint materials, you had better know the contractor is insured sufficiently.
  • Never Ask For A Deposit:

Normally, at the beginning of work, the successful, well-established painting professionals won’t request a deposit because of his sufficient operating income. Therefore, it is very easy for him to buy painting materials even make payroll. You ought to always be watchful with painting contractors asking for a deposit. In case he can’t buy materials, it’s probably he can’t pay his staff. In the past, there were a lot of homeowners becoming victim to contractors who run away their job – out of where they live with the deposit. If you accept payment in advance, ensure that all materials are available especially they are on your property.

  • Offer Great Warranties:

A great and famous painting contractor with established reputation are respected through what others say about him. For example, his paint suppliers pass on extended warranties even lifetime on their products as
they know their paints are used right. In most of cases, contractors have less experiences, they have not worthy relationships with suppliers. In terms of labor aspect, a great contractor also works with experienced and solid painters because they know they have an extended labor warranty.
  • Go The Extra Mile:

A great contractor always know value of customers’ satisfaction so they will focus on servicing & offering extras in order to show you that with them, how important your business is. Check the following things to know whether or not your contractor offers:
  1. 2 coats of paint (a standard offering)
  2. Free power washing
  3. Free color try-ons
  4. Professional color consulting
  • Give Professional And Detailed Quotes:

A great painting quote have to include a detailed list of all to be performed:
  1. Clean-up and touch-ups
  2. Priming, sanding and caulking
  3. Free power washing
  4. Details of application & products (a great contractor will know correct products for each specific job)
  5. Trim repair (a great contractor knows what need to be finished)
  6. Do relevant product & work guarantee warranted?
  7. Does he have taxi I.D number?
  8. Does he utilize a local land line phone number? (be watchful, in case there is only listed cellular phone number)
  9. Does the sheet show the license number of contractor?
  10. Is his quote printed on company letterhead?
  11. Besides accuracy & content of quote, is  it presented professionally?
Note: an inexperienced painting contractor may use standard business form which is bought at office supply shops. That means he doesn’t invest too much in their business and doesn’t take his license properly. What is more, he can not be paid income taxes.

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