Some notes to consider before buying an air compressor

There are some reasons why you need to purchase the best air compressor, you can check it out here for more information. I will show you some notes to consider before buying an air compressor and which air compressor is the most suitable one for your needs.


When your home has a little space to store things (for example you are staying in a small house or tight apartment), you will probably need the small model. All you need now is the pancake compressor. Its small dimension is very suitable for the limited space and you can store it on a closet or a shelf easily. However, you should bare in mind that these small sizes of air compressor can do just some light – duty jobs. You should not expect much that it will perform over the limitation, for example you can not do some auto repair with this type of air compressor. When you have workshop or a house with garage, you may have to purchase a larger size of portable air compressor. Of course that you can choose the size you want and this size must be suitable for the projects and your cost.

Size of Tank

The compressor tank size usually calculated by gallons and the size is chose depending on the overall usage type. You can use the small size of tank when the usage is in short rapid spurt (like when it uses a brad nailer). However, you need to use the larger size of tank when you use the air compressor for a long period like spaying or painting.

Power Source

The air compressor can operate by electricity or gas. The typical electric air compressor operates with standard household electricity from 110 – 120V. The electric models are suitable to use indoor because it does not discharge the fumes. On the other hand, the gas – powered types of air compressor are suitable to use outdoors. You can use these units in the situations that it is difficult to set up a reliable sourse of power. Moreover, in most of the outdoor jobs, its mobility is ideal.

Oil – free or Oil – Lubricated

The oil – lubricated model of air compress runs by oil. The oil will lubricate all moving parts and it will prevent the wear. This type of air compressor is heavier than the oil – free type. As its name, the oil – free model of air compressor can run without the oil. Due to no oil in the machine, this type of air compressor is ligher and smaller than other compressors. That is the reason why the oil – free air compressor is a popular machine that many homeowners choose. With them, it prefers the ease of mobility and operation.

The Demand of air and Tool to Practice

One of other tips to determine the model and size of air compressor that you may need is depending on the project you are working on and the tools you are using. You may want to purchase the small models if you need to pump the bicycle and care tires, pump the sport equipment or the air mattress and it will be all you need. In case you are a truly DIYer and you usually repair your home with a lot of air tools, you may need larger capacity air compressor so that you can operate the tools effectively. There are some air tools that need more air than another.

I hope that you can choose to purchase the suitable air compressor for your needs.

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