How to Set Right Wine Cooler Temperature?

How to set right wine cooler temperature? The number of wine enthusiasts and wine drinkers are growing because it is true that everything tastes better with a glass of wine. If you and wine have a blossoming mutual relationship, then it is practical and smart to invest in a wine cooler.

Wine coolers can make your wine taste so much better while keeping it fresh longer. You will taste the difference of wine fresh from the cooler compared to wine left on the rack.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer red or white or you love them both, but a wine that is served either too cold or warm doesn’t have that satisfying taste. There is that missing element making it that perfect, comfort drink. This is where the best dual-zone wine cooler and setting its temperature correctly comes into play.

Keeping your choice of wine chilled for the whole year and even longer is one purpose of getting a wine cooler but more than that it also serves to protect your wine collection from ecological changes like fluctuations in temperature and humidity.

Wine cellars are most preferred, but in the absence of this space, then go with a wine cooler instead. Sure, you have the reliable refrigerators, but the temperature on a fridge escalates too quickly causing humidity to dry out. Wine coolers will gradually lower the temperature and maintain that required humidity level.

Wine bottles cooling in refrigerator

So, what’s the right wine cooler temperature?

Most wines have an ideal average temperature of 55°F. This is a temperature between 45°F and 65°F. Understandably, you don’t just have a preference for white or red so most wine coolers come with a practical temperature control feature and separate chilling zones, so you can store and keep your red and white wines in their own recommended temperatures.

It will be handy to know that red wines can be enjoyed at room temperature. And that’s not your room temperature but a wine’s room temperature of between 60°F to 65°F. Rose wines and white wines are served slightly chilled, so they are best kept at 45°F to 50°F.

Setting it too cold will dull the flavors of the drink. Sparkling wines meanwhile are best when ice-cold. The color of the sparkling wine doesn’t have any bearing, so set red, white or pink; it should be at 40°F. Sparkling wines can skip the wine cooler and can settle in your traditional fridge.

How to set the temperature in your wine cooler correctly?

If you can diligently keep up with the varying temperatures then set your wine cooler accordingly but to be more practical and as recommended by experts, storing your wine in your cooler at 55°F will equally be sufficient for both red and white wines. The 55°F as per studies is the same temperature as the earth – when underground. Going back to hundreds of years, people store and age their wine in cold caves and improvised cellars. This is very much applicable if you own a single zone cooler. A wine cooler correctly set to 55°F provides that perfect balance between temperature and humidity. It will also allow your wines to age gracefully.

If you have the fancy dual zone wine refrigerators, you can have the liberty to store two different wines at two unique temperature settings. You can set one of the compartments to 62°F and keep your red wines there and the other side to a lower 45°F for the white wines. You can keep your red wines aging gracefully inside for up to 10 years while your white wines a maximum of 3 years.

Another tried and tested approach for dual zone wine coolers would be to set half of the compartment to the ideal 55°F and store both your reds and whites there. Say you have a get together the next day, then move the bottles that you will open into the other deck and adjust the temperature accordingly. This is ideal for events where you drink your choice of wine right away.

Additional Tips to Sustain the temperature

Make sure that you get familiar with the location of your wine cooler’s temperature gauges. These instruments are typically buttons in the front of your cooler. Most of these temperature indicators now are digital, but some models use the thermometer-like style or dials that needs to be twisted. Regardless, it will show the current temperature inside your cooler. If you are to make adjustments in the temperature, you have to wait for the wine cooler to get to that new temperature. The change is not real-time and instantaneous.

To set the temperature correctly means gradually adjusting the cooler’s temperature. You can’t just go 10° lower in only one go because this will force unwanted air into the wine bottle. It’s the same with increasing the temperature because that sudden spike can push your wine through the cork.

Yes, you have set your wine refrigerator to the correct temperature, but you also have to be keen on maintaining the same level of coolness. Maintaining a constant temperature is equally important after setting it.

Regular home refrigerators are opened and closed several times a day with its content being continuously moved. It may even be left open while milk is being poured or when you’re deciding which fruit to take. This should not be a habit to be practiced to wine refrigerators. Keep your wine cooler’s doors closed. The constant movement will impact not just the chilling process but also the aging progression.

If your wine collection is rapidly growing, it is best to come up with a working system so you can look for that bottle quickly sans the moving and taking out of bottles.


Wine coolers or wine refrigerators are the best way to store to your liquor investments. It is uncomplicated to operate, and you can adjust it according to your needs. It makes the overall drinking experience better and satisfying. There is no better way to end a day or a good meal but with a glass of wine served at the right temperature.

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