Picture perfect

It pays to get the best from your photographic work. Not only can pictures be used to display your skills, they can also be used in lucrative ad campaigns and to accompany editorial work. We peep into Clare Credland’s portfolio…

Clare Credland has worked at Doncaster’s Pink Orchid salon for the past 10 years, specialising in nails for the past three. A finalist in the British Beauty Awards, she is also enjoying being a new mum, but is looking forward to getting back to nails!

Domestic Goddess I created this look for an advertisement in a local magazine to illustrate a Stepford Wives-type lifestyle. I used pre-tailored tips, overlayed with acrylic and then varnished. The acrylic was applied in thin sections and all the tips were made the same length and shape.

Top Tip Always take a varnish close to the cuticles, but avoiding contact, as this causes flooding. Using a cuticle stick tipped with cotton wool and varnish remover, gently wipe around the cuticle to create a clean, crisp cuticle finish. (more…)

How Does the Best Longboard Trucks Actually Work Concerning Sport Tip?

Before moving ahead, I would like to mention that trucks control that how longboard rides when it comes to response and stability. Longboard passionate should know that stability is considered quite vital to keep on at higher speeds whereas on another response is essential to make rapid turns.

Moreover, the eventual combination truly rest on the kind of riding, which riders are doing, & their individual preference when it comes to longboard feel. Thus, it is advisable to take some time in order to learn & know about how different part of the trucks influence ride & experiment with various setup for getting to rider’s personally flawless goldilocks scenario. Or else, with the passage of time, bears simply win & riders end up along with shit porrage.

Now, here I am going to share the useful and worth reading information, that how best longboard trucks actually work in order to offer the riders the perfect riding experience. Therefore, firstly it is suggested that riders should match their truck width directly to width of their board where they front feet always sit.

Furthermore, width of trucks is generally speak of by the real width of hanger & even part of truck, which holds the axis in proper place. While talking about the best longboard trucks, people will usually hanger widths simply to range somehow 150mm & 180mm. (more…)

Exercise: how much is enough, how much is too much?

If someone offered you a magical substance, claiming guaranteed results for lengthened quality of life, a 50-percent decrease in risk of heart disease, a dramatic improvement in oxygen delivery to body muscle cells, decreased mental anxiety and depression, and lowered blood pressure and cholesterol levels would you, first of all, believe that such a potion really exists? And, if medical evidence supporting these claims could be provided, would you be willing to sacrifice time and effort to obtain this health-saving nostrum?

Such a potion does exist, and although time and effort are involved, it can be obtained very inexpensively. Exercise–aerobic exercise, in particular–such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling, and aerobic dance is the “wonder drug.” And the spectacular benefits are available to all who use the “potion” three to five times per week.

However, the use of this “drug” has been associated with many potential side-effects, especially when too much is taken. Pain in muscles, joints, and tendons is a real possibility. Use during hot and humid weather can be risky. Large doses during pregnancy may harm the growing fetus. And, for those who have a high risk of heart disease, use of this substance can imperil life itself. (more…)


Skateboarding is an art form, a lifestyle, a sport, and a cultural value. Children have been using it for several decades. However, all of us could benefit from this type of outdoor activity. It does not only force us to go outside, but it is also a fun, enjoyable and effective exercise to move from this place to another. As a result, always make sure that you have the most suitable equipment to keep you from any serious injuries and achieve your goals!

The followings are several great benefits of using a penny board:

  • Provides flexibility and versatility:Your ankle has to stay adaptable and your body must remain stretch while skateboarding. The more inflexible and tense a user is, the more challenging it is for him to skate.
  • Provides full body exercise: You are moving your legs and your feet, you are using your arms to keep balance. You are stretching your body. All those exercises must be done at the same time, offering your body a wide range of movements.
  • Physical Durability: Most players do not only skate for a couple minutes and find it so exciting so that they play it for many hours a day, helping their physical durability greatly improve.
  • Teaches Accuracy: To achieve a trick, a lot of acts need to arrange completely, so when you so wrong, you have to try it again, again, and again. However, you will make changes every time. You put your feet variously on the deck, you adjust your timing, your pace, you try and land variously.  Till you have the moves and timing down to an accurate science, you go on trying!


Some notes to consider before buying an air compressor

There are some reasons why you need to purchase the best air compressor, you can check it out here http://airtoolresource.com/best-air-compressor-reviews/ for more information. I will show you some notes to consider before buying an air compressor and which air compressor is the most suitable one for your needs.


When your home has a little space to store things (for example you are staying in a small house or tight apartment), you will probably need the small model. All you need now is the pancake compressor. Its small dimension is very suitable for the limited space and you can store it on a closet or a shelf easily. However, you should bare in mind that these small sizes of air compressor can do just some light – duty jobs. You should not expect much that it will perform over the limitation, for example you can not do some auto repair with this type of air compressor. When you have workshop or a house with garage, you may have to purchase a larger size of portable air compressor. Of course that you can choose the size you want and this size must be suitable for the projects and your cost.



In your family, you can use your best vacuum for hardwood floors or for the carpet… but have you ever wonder what the vacuum cleaner can do? The answer is in the below article. Let’s review with  us.

  1. Clean cake shreds after your children eat snacks

You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the cake shreds after the children eat snacks. If you have young children at home, sometimes you will feel bothered because of bread shred or biscuits on the table, the sofa or even the carpet when they eat snacks. You do not need to worry because the vacuum cleaner can help you to clean it easily.

  1. Solve the small unexpected incidents

In some cases, you go out and accidentally enter the house but you forget to take off the shoes and it left dust on the floor or when the Christmas tree suddenly fall down on the carpet. However, this small incident will not be hard to you, you can use the vacuum cleaner to clean it quickly. The vacuum cleaner will return the clean spaces for your house.

  1. Easy to clean some tight spaces

The normal vacuum cleaner will have other accessories for different surfaces and spaces. But sometimes, you will find it difficult to take a full size vacuum cleaner to clean the computer, bookcase or sofa with several angles. A handy vacuum cleaner with compact size will help you much easier to use. (more…)

Why do Users Should Need the Best Indoor Quadcopter When it comes to performing several indoor and Outdoor Activities Collectively?

Although, best indoor Quadcopter might look like the incredible buying choice for some, they are not all that complex. It is worth sharing that when users have the best indoor Quadcopter, they are able to capture outstanding & high quality photographs while taking amazing HD quality videos from those angles, which are sometimes difficult to capture.

Moreover, if users love & adore technology then, they will surely like what the top & best Quadcopters have to give them. Users can up their photography game by simply adding a high-class Quadcopter to their collection & if they are the qualified aerial photographers, then they may even fascinate new would-be users with such type of aerial photography.

Furthermore, with the best Quadcopters, users do not have to take tension about unsteady or heavy winds photographs, as they are extremely strong and durable to capture several High definition quality graphics.

It is important to remember that Quadcopters features remarkably innovative technologies along with multipurpose flight controls & crash & wind resistant protection nets in order to improve user’s flight experience.

Moreover, with perfect connectivity integration, majority of the users are now able to stress freely live stream high definition quality videos simply from mobile devices when the Quadcopters wanders the space. In short, Quadcopters might be relatively an exciting experience particularly when professionals who know the modern trends in the technology engineer users. (more…)

Visit the ancient capital of Hue in half day

There are so many places to visit in Vietnam, but one that you must check out is the Hue City, which is located in the central part of Vietnam. You can find the Hue about 700km south of Hanoi and it is also 1100km north of the Ho Chi Minh City. The Hue is famous for the Perfume River as its main landmark. So, if you have plans of visiting the Hue City, then it will be best to explore the Perfume River going to the Thien Mu Pagoda and you can finish this exploration in just a half day. To reach the Thien Mu Pagoda or the Chua Thien Mu or also known as the Linh Mu Pagoda, it will be best to cruise the Perfume River.

The Perfume River or the (Song Huong) or also known as the Huong Giang is a river in the Hue City. It will be best to come to the Hue City during the Autumn because at this time, the flowers from the orchards fall into the water and these flowers are the ones that are giving the river a scent and aroma that is why it is called, the Perfume River.

Hue tour

If you are going to cruise the Perfume River, you have to be aware that the rivers are coming from the mountain ranges of the Day Truong Son and the Truong Dong mountains. The river is flowing from the south to the north and from north to the west, passing various temples of the Hon Chen and the Ngoc Tran. It also flows to the northeast, coming from the Song Huong or the Huong River, to the Hue City. It also passes various villages, the Sinh junction and to the Tam Giang lagoon. (more…)

What are the Top Digital Multimeter Reviews in Home Improvement?

It is vital to mention that digital multimeters should most certainly be an important part of every workshop, lab & domestic DIY repairs. Moreover, best digital multimeters are considered as the one, which can record quickly varying values with pinpoint precision across the huge range of the testing modes. However, it is extremely important to read digital multimeter reviews before buying the right one.

The digital multimeters are the testing device and even measuring tool. Moreover, it is actually the measuring device utilized to measure distinct electrical values for instance continuity, voltage, resistance and current. Digital multimeters are significantly extremely advanced, accurate and precise as compare to analog or predecessor meters.

Top Multimeters for Industrial & Electronics Electricians

Some of the best multimeters for the industrial and electronics electricians are as follows:

Fluke 117/323 Multimeter & Clamp Multimeter Combo Kit

It is important to mention that fluke 117/322 combination kit links fluke 117 digital multimeter with the fluke 323 clamp multimeter for correcting and tracing errors in different electrical systems. Beside this, it is the kit, which is extremely handy & proves very effective in huge range of the circumstances. This kit comes with the carrying case for effortless & safe handling for multimeter.

I would like to share that combo kit gives various benefits for commercial and general applications. Furthermore, Fluke 117 DMM is a perfect device when it comes to demanding settings. (more…)

What are Top Epilators Which should be purchased by the Users in order to Promote Health

It is a well-accepted reality that hair removal might be an annoying & sometimes expensive experience. Sometimes, people have to tried huge amount of the different brands in order to find the top epilators, which can work best for them.

Epilators comes in different sizes and shapes. Some of them are ideal for the face & sensitive areas, some of them for legs while some are considered perfect for the entire body groom. Actually, epilators are the electrical devices, which are quite similar to shaver.

Even though, in spite of simply cutting the hairs epilator uses several small tweezers in order to pull hairs from their roots. It is important to mention that approximately 20-72 tweezers rotate on head of epilator & grab numerous hairs at a given amount of time.

Furthermore, currently epilators are streamlined for pain reduced and efficient grooming. Epilators have hypoallergenic ceramic discs in order to reduce itchiness, massagers to lessen discomfort & particular devices for special parts of the body. (more…)