How to Select the Best String Trimmer for Garden?

Before moving ahead, I would like to mention that string trimmers are now available in huge range of capabilities and designs. It is advisable to read this article carefully in order to choose and compare the available options before buying the best string trimmer.

Gas String Trimmer

It is vital to share that gas string trimmer is more powerful as compare to various electric models & consider as an ideal option for huge areas & heavier growth. Furthermore, it gives mobility & long runtimes. Majority of the gas string trimmers crank along with the pull start however, few models would begin with the powered device, which people can buy separately while removing the need to utilize a pull cord.

Beside this, gas string trimmer always need the correct fuel & can merely handle particular levels of the ethanol. It is suggested to follow all the maker’s requirements & read powering outdoor power apparatus for tips & tricks for keeping the string trimmers fueled properly.

Electric String Trimmer

These string trimmers are quite simple & easy to maintain and start as compare to gas string trimmers. Electric string trimmer also run quieter and cleaner. Additionally, corded electric string trimmers give continuous power without even recharging & weight of the battery. The corded string trimmer needs and extension cable which always limits the overall size of work area & may be tough to handle if people have trees & other hindrances in their yard.

It is advisable to follow the machine’s specifications for the correct extension cable. Cordless string trimmers offer people more mobility as compare to corded models. Moreover, batteries of lithium-ion rated directly from 50-90 volts give more runtime and power as compare to low voltage batteries thus, permitting people to manage larger jobs.

String Trimmer Mower

Correspondingly, famous as the walk behind trimmer, this mower work quite well in those areas, which are hard to reach along with the full-size trimmer mower however, are very large to maintain efficiently with the handheld string trimmer.  It is worth sharing that these gas power driven mowers features the trimmer head that is mounted on the wheeled body giving mobility, power and the larger cutting space as compare to handled models.

Always Match String Trimmer to the Yard

Overall, the larger the landscape, the highly powerful string trimmer people would need in order to maintain it efficiently. Highly powerful string trimmers might sometimes take on extra task like:


It is important to note that professional string trimmer is able to manage brush along with weeds and grass & some can power add-ons for other tasks. Professional string trimmers can work quite well in large and small landscapes.


People should know that heavy-duty string trimmers could work with very thick weeds and grass. Few can use add-ons for some other landscaping tasks. They are consider ideal for the yards nearly to an acre however, might also be useful in yards, which are about two acres when it comes to size.

Medium Duty:

These string trimmers are able to handle very tough grass & weeds & few accept add-ons. Medium duty string trimmers are perfect for yards about two acres however, might be great for very large landscapes.

Light Duty:

All these light duty string trimmers can handle lighter trimming of the weeds and grass. They are appropriate for landscapes, which are almost an acre when it comes to the size.

In the end, I would like to mention that string trimmers always need correct care & maintenance in order to work properly.

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