How to Attract Cardinals to Your Yard

Do you want to attract cardinals to your yard? Just like other garden owners, you might want to see these birds, which are known for their lovely voices and attractive plumage.

Fortunately, you’re not out of luck! Cardinals that are made more famous for the Angry Birds animation are easy to attract. If you would like your backyard to become the paradise of these birds, you can make some alterations to your cardinals feeders among other measures you’d read in the following.

Cardinal males have a black mask and red feather. On the other hand, females have red accents on brown, and they sing.

These birds do not migrate, but they can keep coming back to your place. Check out the following on how to attract cardinals, which can make your landscape more colorful.

How to attract cardinals


See the following on how to make your backyard the bird’s favorite habitat.


You need to choose the correct food that they love. You might want to feed them with hearty foods and large seeds as they have these strong and thick beaks.

A few examples include white mile, sunflower seeds, black oil and safflower seeds.  They also love crushed peanuts, berries and cracked corn. In the winter, they’d also enjoy suet chunks.

You need to check if the feeders are filled especially in the morning and evening when these birds eat.  By keeping these birds well fed, they’re likely to return and make your garden their permanent residence.

Food placement

Cardinals want a protective cover like shrubs and tree when feeding. It is a unique habit of these birds that you must take into consideration when positioning the feeder.

They feel comfortable and safe with foliage and other hiding spots in the garden. Cardinals can also enjoy feeding on the ground if there is no pest problem like squirrels in your garden.


Give them an easy water access in addition good food.  They use it for both bathing and drinking.  To satisfy this need, you can provide them with bird waterers and birdbaths.

However, make sure that the size of the birdbath is with the right size to accommodate the larger birds.

At the very least, you must choose one with two to three inches of depth in its deepest part. But then, you might also want to make things a bit exciting by adding a dripper, which can maintain movement in the water.

Tip – You should keep the birdbath and vessel clean and free from dirt and algae buildup no matter the method you choose.


You can attract cardinals with the right food and feeders, another consideration to look into as you’re preparing your backyard for cardinals.

For one, choose a sturdy feeder, which can accommodate the 1.5 oz. weight of an average cardinal. Skip the hanging feeder that can sway due to its weight.

But then, you might as well select a bird feeder that comes with integrated trays, which are large enough to accommodate the perching birds.  Also, these birds are full-breasted, so it would help to find a feeder with enough space.


You should also offer protective shelter in addition to giving water access and food to these birds that want to feel safe when feeding. Consider thick foliage, such as that with thick shrubs and many trees.  You might want to plant varying heights of bushes and trees, such as evergreen trees, as well as other plants to keep them feel protected. Evergreen trees can also provide them shelter during the winter.

What to avoid

Mirrors and glass windows

Avoid reflective surfaces like mirrors into your backyard. Sources had it that up to a billion birds die annually because of hitting windows.  These birds are attracted to glasses.

They attract their reflections in a car mirror or glass window.  It’s their behavior of guarding their territory against a competitor or rival.

Do not place mirrors or glass windows near their feeding or nesting areas. Alternatively, you can use bird netting or screens to deter these birds.

Chemicals and pesticides

Don’t place chemicals near bird feeders and birdbaths. Some of these include pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides, which can contaminate these things and might kill the birds.

Follow these tips and learn how to attract cardinals to your backyard today!

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